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Quality "Made in Germany"

For more than eight decades GEDA lift solutions have been winning over customers on construction sites and in industrial operations across the world and for this reason GEDA not only sees itself as a manufacturer but much more as a partner on the side of our customers.

As a leading height access specialist, we always keep our eyes on the market so that we can respond flexibly to our customers' needs and offer them customised solutions. This has resulted in unique designs that only GEDA can offer to its partners: original GEDA.


Unique product variety

GEDA products set new benchmarks

We can offer the appropriate lift solution for virtually every construction challenge in every industry sector.




Worldwide references and over 20 years of satisfied customers all over the world speak for themselves! Discover the unique advantages of the GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist.

The All-Round Protection Package

Wind and bad weather do not worry GEDA lift solutions. The unique GEDA corrosion protection concept offers reliable all-round protection for your construction hoists.


GEDA Construction Hoists – Unparalleled competence’s got a name

Within the construction industry GEDA has represented competence and unparalleled quality “Made in Germany” for over eighty years. Today it's virtually impossible to find a construction site not using one of the hoists from the comprehensive product range offered by the Bavarian height access specialist. But this is not surprising at all since GEDA offers a range of lifts and construction hoists that are suitable for almost every use and building site situation. From the company's early days with the GEDA Lift, the famous inclined rope hoist with sales now numbering over 80,000 units, a product range has been developed over the last few decades which is unique across the world – from compact wire rope hoists for workmen, such as the well-known roofer lift, through transport platforms to personnel and material hoists with load capacities up to 3.7 tonnes and lifting heights up to 400 metres. Always with its eyes on the market, GEDA offers hoist solutions which are perfectly adaptable to any application and meet almost every building site challenge requiring safety and fast upwards transportation. Daily work routines on construction sites often present their own challenges to the technology deployed on-site. Thanks to the robust characteristics of GEDA’s construction hoists every challenge can be performed easily.

Inclined Rope Hoists, Transport Platforms, Personnel and Material Hoists … – GEDA’s got them all

Whether new construction or renovation, scaffolding or façade works – all materials and/or persons reach the top of the building safely, fast and without any effort – one touch of the button is enough. A quick setup as well as enormous time and cost savings show even within low lifting heights profitable uses. Distinctive designs, platform variations and load handling attachments enable flexible and individual construction hoist modifications for all site circumstances. With GEDA as your partner, you further receive models for scaffolding lifts, material hoists, rack and pinion hoists and rope hoists.

For scaffolding – Only construction hoists made by GEDA

Construction lifts exclusively used for material transport such as the models GEDA 200 Z, 300 Z or 500 Z enable a sustainability of up to 500 kilograms; they are the ideal partner for scaffolding. For the carriage of material and personnel, the GEDA transport platforms are your best choice: Due to multiple platform variations, sustainabilities and lifting heights, the transport platforms GEDA 300Z/ZP, 500 Z/ZP, 500 Z/ZP SL, ERA 1200 Z/ZP, 1500 Z/ZP and 3700 Z/ZP are perfectly adaptable to all circumstances on-site. Thanks to two separate control systems, the platforms can be either used as a construction hoist solely for the transport of bulky material loads or as transportation platform for both the carriage of personnel and material.

Secure construction labours with GEDA

If the construction site requires closed car solutions, personnel and material hoists from the series GEDA Multilift oder GEDA PH are ideal assistants. Here, the sustainability and the transportation height are important parameters for choosing the right lift. These power packs have been specially designed for enormous loads and service significant lifting heights (Multilift-series: up to 200 meters; PH-series: up to 400 meters). GEDA’s assortment is complemented by specialty products such as the construction hoist for crane operators, mast climbing work platforms and suspended working platforms.

GEDA Lift – Rope Hoist for maximum reliability

The cable lift assortment includes unguided rope hoists such as the GEDA Mini/Maxi and GEDA Star and guided rope hoists like GEDA Lift. Due to the high load capacities, the GEDA Lift can perfectly be applied for roofing and various other special uses. Depending on the lift’s modification, the lifting speeds vary between 25 m/min and 38 m/min for the transportation of a load weight of up to 250 kg. The construction hoist services a lifting height of up to 19 m.

More efficiency and employees’ health protection the GEDA Construction Hoist

The issues of humane building sites and the health of employees are increasingly becoming the focus of those responsible for building sites. Dragging bulky loads over many years frequently has a negative impact on the health of employees. Illness-induced absences – primarily due to back pain – are the result. Be it a roofer lift, transport platform or lift for people and materials, a GEDA construction hoist protects the strength of people working on a building site and makes daily work routines on tough construction sites considerably easier. Laborious dragging of bulky building materials through narrow staircases or daredevil balancing on ladders are now consigned to the past thanks to the GEDA construction hoists. For even more safety the GEDA product range now includes matching landing-level safety doors for every construction hoist. The completely hot dip galvanized doors are directly fastened to the scaffolding and will only open when the lift meets the landing-level safety doors and the specially designed locking device can be released.

For further information about GEDA construction hoist feel free to contact us at any time via phone or e-mail. Our team assists you to find the perfect construction lift for your labour and answers every question of yours!