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Bridge construction

Bridge construction

Modern bridges require high standards

Modern bridges must comply with a whole range of requirements. In addition to an aesthetic appearance, bridges must always be able to withstand higher loads. Very high and often inclined/sloping pylons make access more difficult for essential maintenance and repair works. Look no further than GEDA for the solution with its modular GEDA service hoists with rack and pinion drives for the safe and efficient transportation of maintenance staff along with all the materials required for the work.

GEDA: The experts in bridge construction projects

Height access specialist GEDA already has significant experience in bridge construction. GEDA offers a wide range of lifts all of which comply with the requirements of many different deployment sites. Customers have the choice of different car dimensions, load capacities of 300 kg to 2700 kg and hoisting speeds of up to 60 m/min.



GEDA lifting solutions for tunnel construction

Cramped space conditions, inclinations and arches present big challenges to height access technology when it comes to tunnel construction. GEDA lift solutions have been designed in such a way that they can also defy adverse environmental conditions and ensure reliable, efficient and above all safe access to road, rail and underground tunnels.

GEDA solutions for tunnel construction are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the tunnel construction sector and can also be permanently installed in tunnels. And depending on need and the deployment site, GEDA industrial elevator solutions are naturally equipped with explosion protection.

Integrated project support approach

Throughout the entire project– and also after its completion – GEDA supports its customers as a skilled and reliable partner. The GEDA service-orientation starts with the delivery of the device when the service teams support customers with tailor-made training which can also include the assembly and commissioning of the device on-site. Global maintenance contracts for all GEDA device types, as well as a quick replacement parts and repair service, are an integral aspect of the GEDA service provision.



Time is money – GEDA solutions for warehousing and logistics

A smooth operation is crucial, particularly in warehousing and logistics. Permanently installed hoist solutions save time and also preserve the health of the employees, as instead of painstakingly lifting over stairs or even ladders, items are transported up and down quickly and efficiently at the touch of a button.

Smooth processes thanks to clever hoist technology

The compact devices are the ideal application aid when it comes to designing transport routes more efficiently in the area of warehousing and logistics. The platforms are designed especially for transporting large loads. People may also be transported up and down using GEDA transport platforms. The permanent hoist solutions already impress at the erection stage thanks to their ease of assembly. If space is often tight in warehouses: as the devices only take up the minimum of room, even locations with restricted space do not pose a problem.