Solutions for the Construction site

With their flexibility and versatility, GEDA product solutions can handle virtually every construction challenge they are faced with. Discover GEDA's diversity on the construction site and you will find the appropriate helper for your own particular line of work!



The appropriate scaffolding lift for every construction site situation

A GEDA scaffolding lift is the ideal partner for scaffolders who need to build scaffolding quickly and safely. It not only ensures that all scaffolding elements – from scaffolding tubes to floors – can be transported but that all the relevant tools can be moved upwards to where they are needed. Ease of use, fast assembly and unparalleled quality and durability.

Depending on their intended use and the specific construction site conditions, scaffolders have the choice in the extensive GEDA product range between compact wire rope lifts, pure material lifts through to practical transportation platforms which can all be used as scaffolding lifts. Whereas wire rope lifts are ideally suited for the assembly of smaller scaffolds, pure material lifts such as the GEDA 200 Z, construction hoist are designed for higher load capacities and are ideally suited for work with larger scaffolding constructions.

Using a GEDA scaffolding lift makes building scaffolding considerably easier, ensures building site efficiency and protects the health of employees.



By professionals for professionals: the GEDA roofer lift

Whether on a new construction site or for a refurbishment project, GEDA provides roof professionals with unparalleled product solutions to make their daily working lives easier and their work safe and efficient. The GEDA roofer lift is the compact transport professional for all the materials that roofers need at their place of work .

Special accessories turn the construction hoist into a roofer lift

Working with a GEDA roofer lift saves both time and money. However, not to be underestimated is the safety aspect inherent to the inclined hoist. GEDA has incorporated into its range specially designed load carrying devices for the roofing trade along with practical. It is practical that the roofer lift can also be used to transport insulation materials. A simple exchange of the platform is all that is required. Nor is the transportation of skylights a problem for the inclined hoist.

Individually adaptable roofer lifts for every construction site situation

When selecting the base unit roofers have the choice between the two one-level variants of the GEDA Lift 200 Standard and GEDA Lift 250 Comfort and the two-level GEDA Fixlift 250.

Crane operator

Crane operator

Safe in their place of work high in the sky

To reach their place of work high in the sky, for crane operators this means a long climb and generally several times a day. In addition to the physical strain, this is very time-consuming.

Efficiency and health instead of strenuous climbing

With the GEDA 2 PK crane operator hoist, crane operators can now reach their workplace quickly and above all safely in all weathers come rain or shine and even in stormy conditions, snow and ice. This rack and pinion lift has now consigned those reckless, arduous and time-consuming climbs to the past. The GEDA 2 PK is designed to transport two persons and has a load capacity of 200 kg. Therefore, any materials required for maintenance tasks can also be transported upwards. Hoisting speed is 25 m/min with a maximum lifting height of 150 metres. The flexible system of the GEDA 2 PK is suitable for all types of cranes from all manufacturers.

Safety is our top priority

The crane operator hoist can also act as a life saver in an emergency since the emergency rescue of unconscious or ill crane operators can be carried out very quickly by the GEDA 2 PK.

Interior construction/dry construction work

Interior construction/dry construction work

Handy transport helpers for dry construction work

Dry construction installers are faced daily with the job of having to transport heavy, bulky tools to their place of use. This is arduous and time-consuming especially when the dry construction elements have to be transported to upper storeys. The extensive GEDA product range provides lift solutions for virtually all those materials and tools which the dry construction specialists need – from pure material lifts through transport platforms to lift solutions for the transportation of personnel and materials. The lifts quickly find favour with the workers because they are fast to assemble can also be used in cramped space conditions on construction sites due to their compact design and small footprint.



Decorators bring colour to life and GEDA has the appropriate technology

Painting, decorating, refurbishing – be it for a redesign of the external façade or a new coat of paint for the . Particularly for decorating work carried out on upper storeys, getting back down to ground floor is always very time-consuming. However, using a GEDA construction hoist can save this valuable time – efficient working guaranteed. These versatile and flexible GEDA lift solutions can easily transport paint buckets, brushes, colour rolls and other materials and tools upwards. Load carrying devices and practical accessories are thereby perfectly attuned to the requirements of the painting/decorating trade.

Compact helpers for the painting/decorating trade

The compact wire rope lifts from the GEDA Star and GEDA Mini/Maxi ranges, together with special load carrying devices, are ideal decorating-support tools. Mounted easily to scaffolding, to the window, between storeys or to the roof, the “small ones” from GEDA ensure safe and efficient transportation.



GEDA Solar Lift: Sunny outlooks for solar professionals

Solar and photovoltaic technology must be installed by professionals. With the Solar Lift GEDA provides the solar specialists with the right tool for transporting the sensitive cargo quickly and reliably up to the roof. But of course safety is the prime focus here.

All the benefits on the sunny side with the GEDA Solar Lift

The GEDA Solar Lift is a compact ladder lift with a winch. A specially designed solar platform ensures the careful transportation of the valuable modules and holds the sensitive cargo safely in place with the flexibly adjustable clamping arm and anti-slip plastic surface.

The appropriate solar lift for every construction site situation

The GEDA Solar Lift enables solar installers to work efficiently and in the safest conditions possible. In addition to the one-level variants, GEDA Lift 200 Standard and GEDA Lift 250 Comfort, the range also includes the two-level GEDA Fixlift 250.



GEDA Window Lift: Window transport at the touch of a button

Whether for new installations or replacement windows in the case of renovations, before the professionals can start to assemble the windows, the windows must first be transported to their final destination. GEDA offers unique lift solutions which eliminate the laborious and arduous carrying of windows to those upper storeys. From pure material lifts through transport platforms for personnel and materials, the GEDA Lift is ideally suited for window manufacturers, as it not only transports heavy, bulky windows and balcony doors securely and quickly upwards, but also all the associated tools.

Special accessories turn the construction hoist into the Window Lift

GEDA has designed load carrying devices for the GEDA Lift specifically for window manufacturers, for example the window platform for the transportation of small and medium-sized windows. This special platform ensures the careful transportation and holds the windows safely in place. The GEDA Window Lift enables installers to work efficiently and in the safest possible conditions. In addition to the one-level variants, GEDA Lift 200 Standard and GEDA Lift 250 Comfort, the range also includes the two-level GEDA Fixlift 250.



Removal made easy – with the GEDA Removal Hoist

Every removal is faced with same problem of mountains of boxes, pieces of furniture and many other bulky objects which need to be transported to the upper storeys. The solution: The GEDA Removal Hoist. This lift is the practical alternative to dragging packing crates. The exhausting climbing of staircases and crammed lifts are now consigned to the past as with the GEDA Removal Hoist those valuable belongings are transported safely and quickly to their new home at the touch of a button. The compact inclined hoist is also ideal for use as a Furniture Hoist and for the transportation of all other removal goods.

The GEDA Removal Hoist – quickly and easily assembled and ready for use

The handy aluminium lift can be dismantled making it easy to transport. Once at the building the GEDA Removal Hoist can be assembled in just a few steps with no extra tools being required.

The GEDA Furniture Hoist - triple flexibility

Virtually limitless in its uses, the GEDA Furniture Hoist comes in three different variants with installation customised to local conditions - “GEDA Removal Hoist 200 Standard”, “GEDA Removal Hoist 250 Comfort” and “GEDA Removal Hoist 250 Perfect”.

Building contractor

Building contractor

Unrivalled height access variety for building contractors

A construction site has many aspects that need to be managed. Be it a new build site, a renovation, office or residential building – every construction site presents its own challenges to the technology deployed on-site. To retain an overview and at the same time save time and costs, GEDA gives building contractors the right tool for the job.

Extensive product range for more efficiency and unparalleled safety

Be it for building shells, interior construction, façades or special work treatments such as heat insulation or sealing, the right solution to match the specific construction site conditions can certainly be found in the extensive GEDA product range. From compact wire rope lifts through transport platforms to personnel and material lifts with load capacities up to 3.2 tonnes and lifting heights up to 400 metres – the GEDA product range could not be wider. Building contractors will find the perfect solution for virtually every area of application. Numerous product solutions based on the diverse range of platform options and practical accessories can be adapted to every construction site situation.